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Finishing the Business

Dance/Theatre Workshop


  The Englert Theatre

Presented by:
Englert Wavelength

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$50– Workshop + GA Ticket

Event Schedule

Saturday, May 28
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

*To register for the workshop, please CLICK HERE. Registration to the workshop comes with a complimentary ticket to the performance of your choosing.

Unfinished Business Performances

Friday May 27
6:30 PM – Doors & Seating
7:30 PM – Performance

Saturday May 28
6:30 PM – Doors & Seating
7:30 PM – Performance

Sunday May 29
1:00 PM – Doors & Seating
2:00 PM – Performance

For tickets to individual performances, please CLICK HERE.

Box Office Hours

Tuesday - Friday
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
(319) 688-2653

Melinda Jean Myers and Kurt Chiang invite you to a workshop on movement improvisation, writing, and storytelling to consider how you experience the “business” of your life. Using the creative research of their two-person show, Unfinished Business, they will lead a process where your personal goals, daily tasks, body movement, and habit, are in conversation with outside perspectives and influences. Participants will explore physical and verbal expressions of the beginning, being, and ending while helping each other illuminate surprising parts of themselves.

No dance/theater experience is required.. Email melindajeanmyers@gmail.com with questions.

Unfinished Business

Exploring physical and verbal expressions of beginning, being, and ending, Unfinished Business is a collaborative performance by dance and theater artists Melinda Jean Myers and Kurt Chiang. The title suggests the dramatic intrigue of a cinematic thriller or anticipating the return of a star athlete. In reality, however, Myers and Chiang are interested in how the phrase applies to art and everyday life: “What is our unfinished business as artists, educators, and people?” In an attempt at an answer, they explore absurd manifestations of career goals, look back on regrettable behaviors of the past, and negotiate the messiness of current situations. Curiosity and mundanity are juggled between the performers. When the end goal is undefined, or undesirable, the two performers search for stakes in the funny, weird, and odd moments in between their best and worst selves.

Unfinished Business melds dance and movement aesthetics that the duo have individually crafted from their hybrid artistic practices. Movement, spoken text, and improvisation are used interchangeably to create a flexible world that seeks authenticity and liveness in the moment of performance. The “unfinished business” can easily refer to that night’s performance, as Myers and Chiang track new lines of inquiry in ever-changing circumstances.

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