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Sponsorship Opportunities

Support the Englert today!

Hip-hop artist Dessa visits Tate High School as part of Englert 101, sponsor West Music’s community outreach program integrating artists and audiences beyond the stage.

It really does all happen here. The Englert Theatre prides itself on presenting a broad array of programming creating a reason for everyone in our community to take a seat and take in a show. The variety of what we present creates sponsorship possibilities for businesses of all kinds. Our marketing and development team will work with you to design a sponsorship package unique to your business and its goals, whether you’d like to attach your name to a single event, a series, special events or capital improvements. Whether you’re a vineyard sponsoring an event with a pre-show wine tasting or West Music extending your passion for musical education through Englert 101, we work to customize a sponsorship that is perfect for you.

Your sponsorship is not only recognized in-house, but is given the full benefit or our strategic and comprehensive marketing plan. Whether your goal is marketing, public relations, community giving, or a combination of the three, we will find the right fit for your company. We’ll work with you to design a package that works to accomplish the goals of your business model. What would you like to see happen here?

Contact Katie Roche at 319-688-2653 x107 to request a current sponsorship prospectus and explore the possibilities.