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State of the Englert

Updated November 18, 2021

Friends & Supporters:

We’re thrilled to have our doors back open to the public celebrating art and community in our historic space. While the past two years months have been challenging, we see cause for hope in the future. Audiences have come back to the theatre to encounter live performances that had been missing for so long. While we can’t guarantee the safety of our patrons, staff, and artists, we’ve made decisive policy changes to mitigate the risk of Covid exposure to the best of our ability while navigating the needs of our community.

We’ve heard from many of you that you were hesitant to return, but once inside, your hesitations were put to rest. We thank you for trusting in us and we continue to review our policies and make changes as necessary to make this as safe of a space as possible in this challenging time.

During our closure, we were able to maintain our business through support from state & federal agencies, sponsors, and our amazing Friends of the Englert and the members of the Fellowship for the Future. We managed to greatly reduce our expenses while continuing to support over 200 local artists through digital performances, sustaining the Arts environment here in our community.

While we’ve successfully managed the challenging circumstances we’ve been faced with, the work isn’t done. As we ramp up our programming, you’ll see more Englert Presents events at our historic theater and partner venues than ever before. This change is necessary to combat the lingering effects of the pandemic, which we anticipate will be felt for years to come.

If you believe in the work that we’re doing, we hope you’ll consider becoming a Friend of the Englert. We’ve taken another hard look at the membership benefits and are excited to now offer member-only pricing and advance ticketing on almost every show. As our programming increases, you’ll have more opportunities to take advantage of these benefits.

Thank you for sticking with us during a difficult period. We’ll forever be grateful for your support!

John Schickedanz

Interim Executive Director

Season Supporters
Ongoing Supporters