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State of the Englert

Inspiring Art in Uncertain Times
November 19, 2020

Friends & Neighbors,

We continue to push forward during these difficult times. Our community is always in our thoughts.

The economic impact of our closure is real: In March we lost our seasonal employees; in June we reduced wages and hours for remaining staff, and this past week we reduced our team further as we prepare for 2021. Throughout this disruption, our staff has been committed and innovative. We are so grateful for their efforts and sacrifices to preserve the Englert in uncertain times. And we are saddened to forge ahead with a smaller group than we began 2020 with.

Our closure will extend through the end of 2020 and remain in place until the public health situation stabilizes. In the meantime, we talk with artists, managers, and our arts industry colleagues on a regular basis as we assess the future of this work.

We remain hopeful for the eventual return of public engagement, yet we also embrace the possibilities of cultural experiences in new forms. In October, we produced our first digital festival with Little Village, Witching Hour 2020, and are currently wrapping up productions on a virtual Nutcracker with Nolte Academy and a Mission Creek-inspired film project called Ghost Creek. We are preparing to launch our Digital Season 2021, which will include performances, podcasts, and other virtual engagements with artists and community members.

In the midst of the current challenges, our existence is driven by the balance of these core goals:

  • Preserving our organization and Iowa City’s last historic theater,
  • Supporting our remaining staff to the best of our abilities, and
  • Delivering our mission to inspire and activate positive community growth through the arts.

How To Help

What can you do? We invite you to join us for our Digital Season 2021 as a patron or a sponsor. In doing so, you will support the Englert’s mission and staff, local and national artists, and the cultural soul of our community. Until the new season debuts in January, please consider contributing to the closing act of our Strengthen Grow Evolve campaign in collaboration with FilmScene. Financial commitments are important and spreading the positive word is just as crucial.

Donate to Strengthen Grow Evolve

Become a Sponsor

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We are inspired by our community’s voices. Drop us a line and let us know how you are doing. Send any questions, recommendations, or reflections to info@englert.org.

Andre Perry
Executive Director