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Acting Out! Youth Acting Camp

Acting Out! is an annual youth acting camp presented by Englert Wavelength. Join instructor Jessica Egli as she uses classic acting principles created by Constantin Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner, and Michael Chekhov to develop the skills to deliver an effective and captivating monologue.

Students will be led through exercises aimed to develop the skills required for emotional recall and preparation, active use of imagination, and self-discovery.

Registration is now open for Acting Out 2021!

Acting Out! Prep School

Sponsored by Little Village Magazine and Public Space One

Acting Out! Prep School is an acting workshop video series in three parts geared towards ages 8-12, but fun for anyone! The objective is for kids to learn a few basic acting skills, and develop an original monologue written for an original character. We’ll discuss theater vocabulary, movement and voice exercises, character development, relationships and conflicts, and how to write and deliver a monologue.

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In episode one, we cover theater vocabulary, types of stages, and stage directions so you know how to find your way around a stage.

Episode two introduces physical warm-ups and the “actor neutral” body posture to make sure you’ve got the best energy and stance for your performance.

Episode three teaches us about different vocal warm-ups – essential for anyone using their voice on a stage!



In episode four, Jessica teaches us about different types of characters. Believe it or not, anything can be a character if you use your imagination.

Episode five explores character settings. We’ll learn how the setting affects the way our character interacts with their environment.

Episode six digs deep into complex character relationships using some familiar characters as examples.



Available June 8 @ 9:00 AM CT

In episode four, Jessica teaches us about different types of characters. Believe it or not, anything can be a character if you use your imagination.

Episode 8 explains how to take the first draft of our original monologue and hone it to perfection.

In the conclusion of Acting Out! Prep School, we practice performing our original monologues and learn about audition etiquette.



For the last decade, Jessica Egli has worked in event production and management at The Englert Theatre. In her current position as Events Director, Jessica manages the Englert’s team of audio, lighting, and stagehand personnel, coordinates all rental event business, and handles logistics for both of the theater’s annual festivals, Witching Hour and Mission Creek Festival. She is also the creator of Acting Out! As an alumna of the University of Iowa’s Theatre Arts program whose focus was acting, Jessica knows well the power that the art of theatre has as a conduit for self-discovery and personal empowerment. Sharing that truth with young people is her favorite way to contribute to our community and be a champion for arts education.

Englert Wavelength

This workshop is part of Englert Wavelength: Deeper Learning Through the Arts, the Englert’s arts education series featuring workshops and learning opportunities for youth and adults. Englert Wavelength events are supported by Friends of the Englert.

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