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Our Festivals

Mission Creek Festival

Mission Creek Festival is an intimate experience in downtown Iowa City focusing on music and literature each spring. We present live performances, literary arts, and radical community happenings. We are the music festival with deep literary roots, the literary gathering with music and other happenings tucked around the edges, and the cultural experience that rivets both locals and visitors.

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Witching Hour Festival

Presented by The Englert Theatre and Little Village Magazine, Witching Hour is a festival dedicated to exploring the unknown, discussing the creative process, and presenting new work.

Each fall, we welcome the brightest artists and thinkers pushing the boundaries of their respective crafts. Through performances, readings, discussions, workshops, and screenings, we engage what it means to be human in today’s world.

The 2022 program will be presented as a series to enable active audiences to engage with all that Witching Hour has to offer. Join us for all 5 events starting September 17, 2022.

Past Events

Pussy Riot | Puddles Pity Party | Bogeymen: A Year with the Alt-Right | Hari Kondabolu
DJ Spooky’s world premiere of Explorer I Remix | An Evening with Cey Adams: Def Jam and Beyond | Julie Byrne
Wu Fei | Richard Hell | The Witchdoctor Sheriff Will See You Now | | Here Lies Man | The Burrowers
Do You Want to Play? with Natalie Benway-Correll | ​The Art of Doing Nothing | Hip-Hop Kitchen
You Ain’t Getting No Cookies for Doing What is (Racially) Just​ | Counterfeit Madison | Jonny Stax
Rachel Grimes

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Season Supporters