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Support the Englert

Donate to the Englert today!

Countless hours and millions of dollars contributed by many individuals and organizations helped rebuild the theater as it stands today. Now, having made the transition from a restoration project to an operating theater, the challenges The Englert Theatre faces are new—yet no less important to overcome. Donate to the Englert today and be a part of the exciting changes to come!

There are many ways to support the Englert:

Friends Program

As a non-profit venue, ticket sales and other earned income cover only a portion of the Englert Theatre’s operating costs. The Friends Program is a way for the theatre to say thank you for the donations that make all the difference, providing priority access to tickets and other insider benefits.

Playbill Advertising

The Englert Theatre had about 300 events in 2013, attracting approximately 60,000 patrons to downtown Iowa City. Every copy of our playbill marked an opportunity for advertisers to connect with our patrons—young professionals, students, families, retirees, and more—while supporting the arts and the last historic theater in Iowa City.


It really does all happen here. The Englert Theatre prides itself on presenting a broad array of programming creating a reason for everyone in our community to take a seat and take in a show. The variety of what we present creates sponsorship possibilities for businesses of all kinds.

Endowment Info

Established through the Community Foundation of Johnson County, donors can support the Englert’s Endowment Fund and receive a generous tax benefit in return while cementing the legacy of their generosity in the very structure our donors built from the ground up.

Capital Campaign

Two crucial events in the Englert’s history were only possible due to the generosity of its Capital Campaign donors, who are still recognized and applauded today. The “Save the Englert Campaign” restored the historic building, and the 2011 campaign allowed the Englert to take full possession of its mortgage.