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Position: Senior Production Manager
Date Posted: 01/27/2022
Classification: Full-time, exempt
Expected Annual Pay: Starting $55,000 commensurate with experience

The Organization

The Englert Theatre is a performing arts organization based in Iowa City, Iowa. Housed in a historic theater (est. 1912) in the heart of downtown, the Englert serves as a key community activator. Our values and programmatic practices center on a wide range of voices and perspectives, honor historic preservation, and demand ongoing self-analysis and evolution toward a more inclusive community.

Our Mission

To inspire and activate positive community growth through the arts

Job Description

The Senior Production Manager is a Senior Manager-level team member and the leader of day-to-day events-based operations for The Englert Theatre. The Senior Production Manager works closely with the Executive Director to execute the mission and vision of The Englert, ensuring a balance between highly-functioning operational mechanics and vibrant strategic growth. The Senior Production Manager also plays an important role in setting the tone and level of service excellence for the artist-facing staff of the organization.

Team Engagement

Works closely with the Executive Director, other senior team members, and staff from the marketing, front-of-house, and production departments

Reports To

Executive Director

Core Job Duties

Back-of House Leadership & Management

  • Oversees the facility and production operations for The Englert Theatre
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and innovation in the BOH practices
  • Works with direct reports to establish and maintain standards for customer service, facility health and appearance, event advancing procedures, and vendor relationships
  • Works with direct reports to establish and maintain standards for customer service, facility health and appearance, event advancing procedures, and vendor relationships
  • Builds and maintains a digital archive of facility maintenance records, and a vendor contact sheet
  • Works with Production & Facilities Manager to create digital records for equipment inventory and instruction manuals for annual/multi-annual events
  • Supports Senior Operations Manager and HR management for the back of house team
  • Works with production staff to manage inventory

Special Events

  • Oversees all production logistics for Mission Creek Festival, Witching Hour, Iowa City Block Party, Mission Creek Summer Sessions, North Liberty Blues & BBQ, and other special events
  • Assists the Senior Programming Manager to advance all festival logistics with artists and tour management
  • Hires and manages festival interns
  • Manages relationships with festival partners (venue reps, techs, hotel reps, etc…)

Facility Rental Use & External Production

  • Serves as production lead for facility rentals and external production projects

Wavelength/Educational Programming

  • Serves as production lead for educational programming

Required Qualifications

General Work Skills

  • Experience in venue production including lighting and sound
  • Experience in managing a team
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Exceptional and empathetic leader
  • A logistical mastermind who can organize people, information, and resources toward project/goal completion
  • Sees the “big picture” and aligns small decisions with long-term strategic goals
  • Clear communicator (in all forms: oral, written, etc…)
  • Acts as a professional representative of the organization
  • Capable of presenting to small and large groups with poise, charisma, and honesty
  • Ability to execute a prescribed vision as well as embrace and drive innovation
  • Driven to succeed
  • Reliable and responsive in both day-to-day duties and in the midst of challenging moments
  • Proficient in Microsoft, Google Workspace, and similar administrative applications

The Performing Arts Industry

Our schedule follows the touring industry. You can expect the bulk of your hours to come during touring seasons; October – December, and February – May. This position is subject to non-traditional work hours. Some hours are scheduled “as needed” based on the show/event schedule. Shifts can be up to 12 hours in length.

A Note Regarding Experience

If this posting looks like your dream job and you don’t have experience in this exact line of work, but you do have an outstanding record of performance with the skills listed in adjacent or applicable fields, we welcome your submission.

Application Materials Required

Ready to apply? Gather the necessary resources and click the link below to apply.

  • Cover Letter
  • Current Resumé with 3 Professional References and Listing of Agent References

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