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If He Won’t Love You, I Will

Englert Theatre

Admission: $23.50 – $27.50

Event Description

$23.50 Senior/Student
$27.50 Reserved Seating

Box Office Info:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
12:30pm - 5:30pm
Closed Monday & Thursday
(319) 688-2653

The touring stage play comes to Iowa City Sunday September 29th for a 3pm Matinee. Mr. C. L. Woodson III presents “If He Won’t Love You, I Will”. A spiritual drama that will have you on the edge of your seat.


Marisa, who works for the mayors office, wishes her love life would excel much like her career. Exhausted by the on and off again 20yr relationship with her boyfriend Maleek, Marisa explores the thought of possibly moving on with her life. While attending an upscale gala, Marisa meets Julius who seems to be the perfect guy. Julius quickly falls in love with her after simply meeting her and having small conversation. Maleek, who has NO plans for their future, becomes bothered when he discovers Marisa has a new acquaintance. Eager to prove his love and devotion, Maleek goes out his way to express his love. Meanwhile Julius is making a very strong impression on Marisa.

What should Marisa do? Which guy should she choose? Audience will help her decide. Audience will TEXT their choice!

Come experience this comedic ride of relationship drama that will have you laughing out load and contemplating on your own relationship.

“If He Won’t Love You, I Will”

Written & Directed by

Mr. C. L. Woodson III

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