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Iowa Startup Accelerator Launch Day

EntreFEST 2022


  The Englert Theatre

Event Description

Ticket Options

Launch Day (June 8): FREE (register HERE)
EntreFEST 2022 (June 9-10): $199 (until May 18, then $299)

Event Schedule

6:00 PM – Doors open, reception with cash bar
7:00 PM – Program

Box Office Hours

Tuesday - Friday
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
(319) 688-2653

Come out and see the 2021 Fall and 2022 Spring Cohorts of the Iowa Startup Accelerator pitch their innovative business solutions! They have crafted and tuned their presentations through months of working with ISA’s educational team and network of mentors. Now, let them share the fruits of their hard work with you in this exclusive introduction to these entrepreneurs!

Be sure to hang around after to chat with the startup teams! A cash bar will be available before, during, and after the presentations.

The Iowa Startups you’ll hear from:

Ryan Glick, Founder and CEO, Bryan Gill, Co-founder CTO

Groov (Clive, IA) is a web-based platform that helps residential land developers and home builders more efficiently manage properties, eliminate time-consuming manual business processes, and generate more leads.

Nathan Greuel, Founder and CEO

Haggle (LeClaire, IA) is the Airbnb for agriculture. We enable and cultivate peer-to-peer transactions between farmers to reduce ownership cost, increase passive income, and improve asset utilization. Growers can post farm assets to share, be hired to do the work, advertise services, and barter with others on things they have for things they want.

The Hummingbirds
Emily Steele, Co-founder and CEO, Matt Neblock, Co-founder CFO

The Hummingbirds help companies generate awareness and sales through local social sharing. Hummingbirds are everyday community members who try a new experience and share it on social media to their own friends and followers, introducing hundreds if not thousands of people to new brands in their own community and beyond. Opposite of Instagram influencers, our Hummingbirds are your neighbors, your gym pals, and your coworkers — when they share content to their trusted audience of peers, people pay attention and take action. We are scaling from Des Moines to cities nearby.

Spanton Dynamics
Anna Spanton, Co-founder and CEO; John Spanton, Co-founder; Nick Osborn, COO

The Spanton Board is a revolutionary patent-pending power driven spine board that contours underneath an injured person and operates like a conveyor belt. The upper belt moves in one direction, while the undercarriage belt moves in the opposite direction creating a loading platform that minimizes movement of the patient. Its purpose is to collect and immobilize a patient with minimal movement. Its design allows for the successful lifting and securing of patients at the emergency scene, prior to transport to a medical facility. The Spanton board will initially be sold to the NFL, with plans to expand into the NHL, universities, emergency response and ambulance services, military, and high schools.

Sprayer Mods
Holly Bennett, Founder and CEO; Blake Espland, Co-founder

Sprayer Mods (Iowa City, IA) upgrades farmers’ existing agricultural sprayer equipment with a camera that uses artificial intelligence in real-time to identify weeds while applying herbicides so that chemicals are sprayed only where weeds are found, this reducing herbicide use and costs by as much as 80%.

Tennis Line Call
Julien Duhautois, Co-founder and CEO

The Tennis Line Call App enhances amateur tennis player’s experience by turning their phones into an impartial AI (artificial intelligence) referee that will indicate when a tennis ball lands in or out of bounds. This patent pending solution allows users to simply start the app and place the phone on a tripod next to the net. When a call is challenged, the app will flash and sound a signal when the ball bounced out.

Don’t wait! Reserve your place now for this free exclusive first look at up-and-comers in Iowa’s startup ecosystem!

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