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The Tallest Man on Earth

Sponsored by Goosetown Cafe & The Tuesday Agency

Englert Theatre

Admission: $35 – $55

Event Description

Ticketing: $55 Golden Circle Reserved Seating, $35 Zone 2 Reserved Seating + Fees

Purchase tickets at the Box Office or Online

Box Office Info:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
12:30pm - 5:30pm
Closed Monday & Thursday
(319) 688-2653

Performing as The Tallest Man on Earth, Swedish folk singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson has commanded stages in front of tens of thousands of fans at a time, often backed by no one at all. The Tallest Man on Earth will perform this May in support of his five-part series, When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground. Released in installments throughout the year, this project is both unique and very in sync with Mattson’s style. Each of the five videos begins with an introduction to the song, providing the viewer an insight into his workings and what went into the track. He then performs in a stripped-back manner with only his guitar.

Each performance is a melancholic journey that holds an unimaginable amount of sincerity and beauty to it. From being absent in one’s own life to the self-doubt that lingers in all of our minds, Mattson is at his most personal, and the payoff is extraordinary. The intimacy Mattson brings with When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground is admirable and a work of art that is not to be missed.

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