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Understanding Ticket Fees

As of May 23, 2022

There are various fees and taxes that are applied to ticket purchases above and beyond the base cost of the ticket. The revenue collected from service and delivery fees constitutes an essential part of our annual budget. This allows us to self-present/produce 100+ performing arts events per year (including two festivals), support rental and community events, bring nearly 70,000 patrons through our doors, and distribute over 15,000 tickets annually to community members with less access to the arts. We are deeply grateful for your support.

Revenue collected from sales tax is remitted to the State of Iowa.

Convenience Fees

These fees are added to the price of your ticket and range from 10-15% of the ticket price. We have tiered these fees so that lower-priced tickets receive lower fees, making performances more accessible to our patrons.

  • No fee for ticket on a face value up to $19.99
  • $3.00/ticket on a face value $20 to $29.99
  • $4.50/ticket on a face value $30 to $39.99
  • $6.00/ticket on a face value $40 to $49.99
  • $7.50/ticket on a face value $50 to $59.99
  • $9.00/ticket on a face value $60 to $69.99
  • $10.50/ticket on a face value $70 to $79.99
  • $12.00/ticket on a face value $80 to $89.99
  • $13.50/ticket on a face value $90 to $99.99
  • $15.00/ticket on a face value equal to or greater than $100.00

 * Note: Fees may be different/ higher for select tickets (VIP, festival passes, meet & greets, off-site events such as Big Grove, etc… )

Delivery Fees

The standard delivery fees below are determined by your preference to obtain your ticket.

  • $0.00 – Purchase at Englert Box Office
  • $1.00 – Barcoded E-Ticket (print at home)*
  • $4.00 – Will-Call (buy online or via phone and pick up at Box Office later)
  • $6.00 – Mail (buy online or via phone and we’ll mail you the ticket)

Sales Tax

Per State of Iowa regulations we collect 6% sales tax on all transactions.
Revenue collected from sales tax is remitted to the State of Iowa.

Fees FAQ

Why fees? Why don’t you just raise ticket prices instead?

The revenue gathered from the base ticket revenue covers the cost of producing each individual show with the majority of that revenue, typically 75 – 90%, going directly to artist-related expenses including the artist fee. We are in favor of this structure because we think it is essential to support artists, many of whom are just getting by as they travel from city to city. The performing arts are expensive for all parties involved and the margins are low.


I am already a donor; why do you need even more money from me?

Donations and contributed income cover about 35% of our overall revenue but the remaining earned income that fuels 65% of our revenue is important to maintain in order to achieve sustainability on an annual basis. Beyond the costs of producing events and staffing, we also face considerable ongoing maintenance and capital costs to keep our historic building in working order.


What is the cheapest way for me to get tickets?

Fees will always be the lowest if you stop by our Box Office in-person.


What are my buying options?

Click Here to Purchase TicketsOnline

Through our Box Office: Via Phone or In Person

Tuesday – Friday 10:00am – 5:30pm

319-688-2653 x 1

221 East Washington Street, Downtown Iowa City


What if I have other questions/ concerns that aren’t answered here?

Email info@englert.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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