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Volunteer Opportunities

Connect with your community's performing arts center as a volunteer!

The Englert Theatre is successful because of our volunteers—people committed to seeing the Englert, a true community effort, thrive.

The theater serves as a community arts center and performing space for more reasons than just those that appear on stage. It is a civic theater because of the generous community members that give their time, smarts, skills and effort to keep it running smoothly.

Englert volunteers help in many ways. They serve at Englert events as ushers, taking tickets and seating patrons. They help out with facility maintenance and handy work. They assist with administrative duties and lend a hand in the box office. Their friendliness and enthusiasm is an irreplaceable part of the Englert experience.

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Contact the Volunteer Coordinator:
Sarah Shonrock
(319) 688-2653 ext. 109
221 E. Washington St.
Iowa City, IA 52240

Our Mission

The mission of The Englert Theatre is to inspire and activate positive community growth through the arts. This includes owning, maintaining, and operating the Englert – Iowa City’s last historic theater – as a vital community arts space as well as expanding the Englert’s programming vision and collaborative efforts beyond the walls of the theater through institutional efforts like Mission Creek Festival and Witching Hour and other projects that develop through vibrant partnerships. Programming seeks a balance between familiar and unknown, emerging and established, and local and far-reaching artistry.

The Iowa City theater provides diverse programming, educational opportunities and exposure to the performing and visual arts. Our focus is on highlighting the talents of local performers, artists and ensembles as well as hosting regional, national and international touring performances.

Our volunteers had these things to say about volunteering at the Englert

Volunteering allows me to contribute to the community and to the theatre. The cultural opportunities available are endless. As a retired teacher I enjoy ushering at the children’s programs and encourage parents to support these quality programs.

–Hyla Boelman

I’ve been involved as an Englert volunteer usher since February and have found it to be an enjoyable experience with the side benefit of enjoying the shows with the audience. I encourage other people to get involved. The staff helps make the experience an easy task.

–Bob Boelman

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