Rebirth Brass Band (Patron Comments)

Here at the Englert, we pride ourselves on our programming, customer service, and environment. As a nonprofit performing arts center, our top priority from when you walk in our doors is to give you your best experience possible.

Beginning February 2016, we will email a brief survey to audience members the day after each of our Englert series events. We hope you will take a moment to share your thoughts. A selection of comments (the good, the bad, and the constructive!) will be shared in full, here on our blog.

Patron  Comments

I loved it! As a native of Louisiana, I jumped at the opportunity to see a band from there perform. I’ve seen them perform before and was already familiar with their music, and they lived up to my expectations. So much energy and I loved the audience enthusiasm!” – Anonymous

“Excellent. However, being a street band they were a tad loud. May need to bring ear plugs. Loved the music as clarinet player myself and love that genre of music.” – Anonymous

More please!!!!” – Anonymous

Season Supporters
Season Supporters