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Lake Street Dive

Live at Big Grove Brewery | Sponsored by Rylan & Ross DeValois of MidAmerica Securities Mgt. Co.

Big Grove Brewery – Iowa City

Admission: $39.50

Event Description

Ticketing: $39.50 General Admission or $79.50 Premium Admission SOLD OUT (plus fees)

Premium Admission includes:
-Early venue access
-Prime viewing area
-Select complimentary food and drinks

Box Office Info:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
12:30pm - 5:30pm
Closed Monday & Thursday
(319) 688-2653

Englert Summer Series | Support: Nicole Atkins

The Englert Summer Series is packed with stellar shows all summer long, taking place in venues and at events around our community. The quintet formed while students at the New England Conservatory, and have since made their hallmark fusing retro pop, soul, classic rock, and R&B.

“[Vocalist] Rachael Price’s voice comes at you like a muscle car of music history, blues and bebop detailing on a classic soul ‘n’ rock chassis, and her band’s latest set comes with songcraft grown tighter and more polished,” writes Rolling Stone in a review of the band’s 2018 release, Free Yourself Up.

About Nicole Atkins

To borrow a phrase from heaven’s new poet laureate, Leonard Cohen, Nicole Atkins was “born with the gift of a golden voice.” But somewhere along the way she misplaced it. Goodnight Rhonda Lee is the story of Nicole finding her voice, and how, in doing so, she went a little crazy.

Great Art is born of struggle and Nicole was struggling. The problem was that she felt nothing. Her fans responded to her performances with the same fervor they always had, but Nicole felt nothing. Her new husband loved her and doted on her, but she felt nothing. She traced it back to her drinking and decided to try to learn to live without booze. But that first day of sobriety brought with it an unexpected additional test — Nicole’s dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. This Jersey girl, whose big voice was tethered to a big heart, and whose reaction to the mundane setbacks of everyday life had always been equally overblown, suddenly faced a real problem. “It toughened me up,” she says.

And the songs started to come. Little bursts of therapeutic creativity. Thorny feelings transubstantiated into melodies. Beginning with “Listen Up,” a wake-up call to a lucky girl who hadn’t realized how lucky she’d been, Nicole started to find her redemption in these songs. They rang true in a way no songs ever had before. They came from a deep, vulnerable place. If Nicole had been living an unexamined life, she wasn’t anymore.

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