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Storytellers: Akwi Nji

Storytelling Workshop for Everyone!

 $5 – $25

  Online Event

Presented by Englert Wavelength

Event Description

Ticketing is limited to 20 attendees. Please register only if you plan to attend.

Tickets are available on a ‘pay-what-you-can’ sliding scale with a suggested payment of $25 (minimum $5).

Box Office Hours

Tuesday - Friday
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
(319) 688-2653

Science tells us that emotionally charged, well-crafted, personal narratives evoke feelings of empathy and trust in our audiences. But how do we craft personal stories into compelling, entertaining, memorable experiences that use the personal to illuminate and address complex social, political, and cultural issues? In this workshop, we’ll explore the three tools every storyteller can use to impact the way we think about ourselves and each other through the stories we tell.

About the Instructor

Akwi Nji is a multidisciplinary artist creating in words, visual art, and performance. As founding executive director of The Hook, she produced over 100 storytelling and performance events involving nearly 300 artists in four years. She was also a three-time producer of NewBo PoJam, the largest performance poetry and storytelling event in the ICR region. 

In addition to managing a robust professional artistic career, she is the creator of The Remoir Project (a nationwide audio and visual storytelling arts initiative) and is opening a studio and micro venue in Fall 2021 with a mission to demystify art-making and amplify the accessibility of art as artprenuership to up-level womxn artists and artists of color.

In her art, she explores race, gender, the tension between the outsider and insider, and geographical and spiritual home. Her performance experience includes over a decade of professional writing and storytelling for stages from California to Washington, DC.

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