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Englert Wavelength: Deeper Learning Through the Arts. Englert Wavelength provides a platform for artists and arts educators in our community to pass on their knowledge and create a space for growth, conversation, and learning.Englert Wavelength events are supported by Friends of the Englert.

Acting Out! Youth Acting Camp

Acting Out! is an annual youth acting camp presented by Englert Wavelength. Instructor Jessica Egli uses classic acting principles created by Constantin Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner, and Michael Chekhov to develop the skills to deliver an effective and captivating monologue.

Students are led through exercises aimed to develop the skills required for emotional recall and preparation, active use of imagination, and self-discovery.

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Acting Out! Prep School

Acting Out! Prep School is an acting workshop video series in three parts geared towards ages 8-12, but fun for anyone! The objective is for kids to learn a few basic acting skills, and develop an original monologue written for an original character. Join instructor Jessica Egli as she discusses theater vocabulary, movement and voice exercises, character development, relationships and conflicts, and how to write and deliver a monologue.

This series was made possible by support from Public Space One.

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IC Speaks

IC Speaks is a spoken word program sponsored by Iowa Youth Writing Project and The Englert Theatre to create a community of young writers & performers in Iowa City with weekly writing workshops, monthly performance workshops, & larger performance opportunities. Created by local spoken word artist, Caleb Rainey (The Negro Artist).

Navigating Your Narrative

Navigating Your Narrative is an adult storytelling workshop based on the themes of Witching Hour Festival. Participants navigate the complex relationship between their personal history and that of the company they work for. The journey teaches attendees how to tell their story and more deeply engage with their clients, partners, and community.

Note: This year’s event has been canceled, but we look forward to offering the workshop again in 2021!

Nuggets of Wisdom with Sharon & Jonny

Nuggets of Wisdom features two Witching Hour alums — musician Sharon Udoh (Counterfeit Madison) and multi-media artist and cultural equity strategist Jonny Stax as they investigate race, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity and how we navigate the differences between us. Join us on this enlightening, entertaining journey as we learn Sharon & Jonny’s Nuggets of Wisdom.

Season Supporters
Season Supporters