The Sound of the Future: The Englert’s Largest Investment Ever

Over its 110-year history, The Englert Theatre has hosted thousands of artists, served countless community members, and delivered world-class art to the Midwest. To continue its mission of inspiring and activating positive community growth through the arts, The Englert is making its largest investment ever for a new, top-tier sound system this summer.

Plans for this essential upgrade were in progress over two years ago, but were halted due to the pandemic. It is no secret that a well-functioning sound system is one of the key elements to a positive experience at a live event, but with age and use, The Englert’s system has ultimately been failing. Operations have taken on the necessary additional expenses during recent months to ensure that audience members are still getting the show they deserve, like renting additional equipment and hiring technical servicing, but such ongoing expenses are not sustainable in the long term.

Almost a year after its reopening, The Englert is now ready to launch forward with this crucial improvement to its capacity. With a new $400,000 sound system, The Englert will be able to welcome even more artists and patrons through its doors and enter a higher caliber as a venue and organization.

Annually, The Englert provides cultural experiences and educational opportunities for more than 99,000 patrons, and this new sound system will maximize the ability to reach even broader audiences. Included in this upgrade will be a new projector, which will allow the theatre to meet the growing demands of touring artists, as well as enabling it to collaborate with more local partners like FilmScene in bigger and better ways. The Englert is proud to partner with over 120 local business and non-profits each year, and the improved system will grow the number and benefits of such vital partnerships. Once the upgrade takes effect in July, artistic and educational programming at The Englert is anticipated to increase by thirty percent.

On May 27, The Englert Theatre has launched its mid-year campaign to help fund this investment, with the goal of raising $70,000 by June 10. Donations to the Friends of the Englert program will directly support this endeavor to strengthen the future of The Englert and the arts community of Iowa City and beyond.

With a contribution, patrons become an integral part of the theatre’s mission, and they benefit right back with member perks like advanced ticketing, discounted pricing for Englert Presents events, exclusive digital content, and more. For more information, visit the Friends of the Englert page, and become a part of The Englert’s future.

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